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RV Windshield Damage Repair Options

1. Jun 2017 05:20, allautotool

Since RV America assists more than 1,000 RV dealers nationwide, we generally stay current with dealership practices and procedures as well as new RV gadgets, warranties, protectants, cleaners, gizmos, and the occasional scam. One of the best new products we've recently seen on the market is a product called Diamon-Fusion.


If you've driven any vehicle - especially an RV - on the open road, you've no doubt experienced the head-whipping experience created by seeing a rock hurtling toward your windshield. You flinch, close your eyes, and simultaneously hear the inevitable popping sound made by the projectile. Instantly you open your eyes to inspect the nature and cost of the damage. We've all been there.


As mentioned above, there's a new product on the market that many of our RV dealers are recommending, and that we wholeheartedly endorse as well. It's called Diamon-Fusion. (RV America Insurance does not sell this product, nor do we make a profit from endorsing it.) Diamon-Fusion provides a four-year warranty, which covers the repair of any damage caused by road debris. You can purchase an upgraded warranty, which includes both repair and/or replacement of the glass.


So, how does this product work exactly? According to Diamon-Fusion USA, this product causes a molecular change in the surface of the glass. The process reduces the coefficient of friction and also increases its impact strength by as much as tenfold. I'll explain.


Your windshield glass appears to be smooth, and it is, basically. But imagine for a moment that you're looking at an extreme close-up of your windshield. Under a microscope, you'd probably think you're looking at the surface of 80 grit sandpaper. Your RV's windshield is constructed like that; it's actually quite rough. You might say that the surface of your windshield is covered with millions of peaks and craters. So, here's what happens when that projectile hits your windshield; the rock, let's say, actually grips into one of these craters transferring its full force to that immediate spot on your windshield launch x431 v+. If the force is strong enough, you're left with a star, or crack in your glass.


How does Diamon-Fusion work? Although we could elaborate on the entire molecular process, let's over-simplify at this point. The application of this product first creates a smooth surface by filling in the peaks and valleys. Then a protective coating is added which provides the durability. Simple, huh? Not only is your RV windshield now stronger, but the slicker surface significantly increases the chances that a rock will bounce/slide off without creating damage. In fact, lab tests conducted by the company show that it would take about 10 times the force to crack a Diamon-Fusion treated windshield compared with an untreated one.


While this alone is probably enough to capture your interest, there's another added benefit. You can also expect to have improved wet weather visibility when your RV windshield is treated by Diamon-Fusion. Why? The smoother the surface of your RV windshield, the less likely it is that water droplets will be able grip your glass.


Because of the nature of the chemicals used in the process, the application of Diamon-Fusion is not a project you can do yourself. See your RV dealer for a quote and proper installation. The price can range anywhere from $400 to $2,000 for the largest of RV windshields.


If you consider the cost of a new windshield, and/or the cost of your RV insurance deductible coupled with the potential inconvenience of interrupting your vacation, you might come to the conclusion that Diamon-Fusion is a good investment for your RVing future.

Paul Bender is the founder and Co-owner of RV America Insurance Marketing, Inc. in Simi Valley, CA. RV America Insurance is the largest RV insurance agency in the nation ds808, and has long been recognized as the leading provider of specialty RV insurance through RV dealerships nationwide. Visit for more info.
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