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Snow Plow Preparation List , By Edgeolite

23. Jun 2017 04:02, allautotool

Everybody may have a different way to check their snowplow Equipment before the storm but this works for me. The first thing I do is what is called a Pre-trip inspection just like you would on a tractor trailer.


Lift the hood on your plow truck , check the engine oil, power steering fluids, windshield washer fluids , and battery connections are tight, check the belts be sure they are not cracked, check the coolant level, (with the truck cold), check the brake fluid and If low it either means your pads need to be changed, or there is a leak. The fluid went some where! Look around in the motor compartment for any loose wires Advanced Version of DS708, be sure they are not touching or rubbing through anywhere. OK, now close the hood and proceed to the rest of the inspection.


Get in your snowplow truck check and see that the horn works, the wiper works the heat works, put the truck in 4wd and drive forward a few feet you should feel the difference of resistance when you turn the wheel and drive forward . Then disengage the 4wd and put the transmission back into park. Check that the parking brake is working and releases, check that the brakes are working.


Now check the lights, put on the low beam headlights, parking lights, start at the drivers door out side of your vehicle and walk counter clockwise around your plow truck check the tire lugs, tire pressures, grab the mirrors make sure they are not loose check that the lights are working. Now go back and check high beams and left, right signal lights and brake lights. When you are done with this now we can go on to checking the plow out.


We can now begin to check out the plow. You want to make sure everything is working before you go to work. You want to make sure everything is working fine and not faulty when you need to start snowplowing.


Time is money and we do not want you to have any break downs if we can help it.


.Start the vehicle and raise and lower the plow a few times


.Check the controls are not loose and cycle the plow with the controls


.When you are doing this watch the amp gauge for not over excessive amp draw down in the system.


.Raise the plow up and leave it up for a few minutes to make sure it does not drift down


.Check the snowplow high beams and low beams are working and adjusted right launch x431 v+.


.Check the turn signal lights are working and not loose


.With the plow down get out and inspect the chain is not worn


.Check around all hydraulic cylinders for leaks or dents in the cylinders


.Check the snowplow hoses and hose connections


.Check the center pivot of the plow for play


.Check the plow frame bolts are tight and not loose


.Check for any cracks on the welds of the plow


.Inspect the snowplow cutting edge, shoes and springs


.Look at the snow plow pins and the plow retainer rings


OK now that you inspected your snowplow. Let's go over a few things you should have in the truck with you, flashlight, gloves, extra plow pins, extra hose and quick connectors, hydraulic fluid,Box of fuses, a relay for you plow, Electrical tape, 2 cans of fix a flat, and road flairs.


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