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Surviving High Gas Prices

7. Jul 2017 08:42, allautotool

If you've left your house at all over the last year, you might have noticed the outrageously high gas prices. And if you drive often you may have felt that odd combination of relief and anger when you notice the average price per gallon has "dropped" to $3.43 or something similar. You might as well accept that gas prices are never going to be under three dollars per gallon again, and that they will continually creep toward five dollars, no matter who's in office, and no matter where they say they're going to drill.


That's because oil is a non-renewable resource. There is a limited supply of the stuff, and the only way to pay less is to use less. So, here are a few ways to actually save. This is not an attempt to get you to buy more stuff; this is a list of fuel-saving strategies. If you already have a fuel-efficient vehicle, that's great, and these tips will help you conserve even more. However, if you're not currently in the market for a new car, you can still work around your lower MPG model.


Mindfulness is key when you're trying to conserve. Really analyze your driving habits and then you can begin to think about where you can change. The first thing you should know is just how many miles per gallon you get out of your car. Knowing this can help you to calculate just how much more you'll spend per fill-up as gas prices rise Autel Maxidas DS808. You might find it rewarding to keep a log of your mileage and gas expenditures to see how the changes you make reflect on your fuel usage. Sites like are available to keep track o this on your smart phone if you prefer.


Drive calm. You might be amazed when you see what a difference relaxed driving habits make in your overall fuel consumption. Gunning it at yellow lights, speeding, crazy lane changes, tailgating, and abrupt stopping and acceleration are dangerous, stressful, and wasteful. Try not to run late or be in a hurry. This could cut your fuel consumption by a whopping one-third! Relaxed driving is the best habit you can adopt. Keeping your tires inflated is also important. Low tire pressure can cause your car to work harder and that is reflected in the gas mileage Launch CReader 8011.


Keep track of the gas prices along your usual driving routes. Don't go out of your way to find the lowest price— that may waste more than it saves. Also, consolidate your errands. Making several short drives uses much more gas than one ling one. See if you can reroute your trips on a site like Google Maps. If you bring a cooler, you can combine your grocery shopping with other errands without worrying about spoilage. Finally, keep your car maintained: staying on top of oil changes and tune-ups will keep all your car's parts running smoothly, you'll waste less gas, and your car will last longer.

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