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Talking on the Phone and Driving

12. Jul 2017 04:13, allautotool

I can remember a time when we used to have a rotary phone in our house growing up. It was tan, and you would have to dial an individual number and then wait before dialing the next. I didn't realize it back then, but it took FOREVER to make a phone call that way. Then touch tone phones came out. While the phones still had the cords attached to them (you could always tell when and where someone was on the phone by following the cord), at least you could dial a phone number quicker. Cut to a few years later and then cell phones came out Autel MaxiSys...then the world changed.


Ever since cell phones came out, people can't seem to get enough of them. I guess you could say that, amongst other things, cell phones have introduced a newer and more hip way of communicating to one another. We love cell phones so much that we never seem to get enough of talking to other people. It is almost as if you can't walk down a street in silence. You either have to be texting or talking (or both!). That being said, talking on the phone while driving has grown and spread like wildfire. It has gotten so bad that several states are now trying to ban cell phone use while driving. The state of New York has already banned talking on your cell phone while driving unless you have a hands-free device. However, does this really solve the problem?


You see, when you become embroiled in a cell phone conversation- even with a hands free device- it does not make you any less distracted. You are still distracted just the same. Human beings are emotional creatures. If you receive a phone call that one of your close friends has just gotten into a car accident and you yourself are driving, how would this news affect your driving? Would you start running red lights and blowing through stop signs? Would you pull over to the side of the road and call someone to come and get you because you are unable to drive due to your emotional state? If you opted to go with the second option, you are much smarter than most people. Not only does driving while you are emotionally charged make you a danger to yourself; it also makes you a danger to the other drivers around you.


Did you know that emotional drivers are almost as bad as drivers who choose to drive drunk? Granted autel maxisys ms906, some people handle their emotional problems, issues and news very well. However, the vast majority of people do not. Imagine the worst possible news that you could receive. Now imagine that you are driving when you receive it. How do you react? What kinds of thoughts are racing through your head. This leads us back to the issue of talking on the phone while we are driving. When you feel compelled to make a phone call or answer your phone while driving, think back to a time when there were no cell phones. It seems as if people got along just fine without them? How long is your trip to where you are going? Chances are that you will stop soon and will be able to make your phone call then. Couldn't it wait until you've reached a stopping point (and no, I am not referring to stop signs and red lights)?

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