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The Luxurious Stretched Limo

14. Aug 2017 04:39, allautotool

Be it a big social event, a wedding, a lavish dinner party, high school prom or a dream date, a stretched Limo will make the whole occasion exclusive and unique for you. There a quite a few limo rental in every city who have some amazing models of a Limo, they maintain these cars in such a way that they add to your presence style and grandeur launch x431 pro plus.


These cars have been a symbol of luxury since decades. The rich and the famous have always taken immense pride in using the stretched cars on special occasions. Now any common man is able to hire one of these cars from a limo rental firm and fulfill his or her dream of a stretched luxurious ride.


This luxury car is simply amazing to look at. Its elongated body gives it a majestic effect. They traditionally come in black color, and this color is still highly preferred for all formal occasions maxisys elite. The white stretched cars add splendor to wedding parties. Some manufacturers have made available stretched cars in pink, golden, purple and others colors to meet popular demands.


A stretched car can comfortably seat 6-20 people depending on how stretched its main body is. The 6 seating cars are more normally available at the rental firms. Some rental firms also have the extra stretched luxury cars which are incredibly long; it's a pleasure to ride in one of these stretched machines.


A stretched car is build with a chauffeur compartment in front which has the capacity to seat almost 3 people including the chauffeur. Then there is the big elongated body, which has a lot of foot space for the passengers. There is one front facing seat and there is another one back facing towards the chauffeur. This extra seat is mounted up and can be opened only when need. The extra long stretched cars have more seating arrangements to accommodate larger number of passengers. Some big manufacturing companies custom make these cars for to suit their customer's needs.


A well polished and well maintained stretched vehicle is great to look at from the outside and is lavish from the inside. It has some of the most marvelous accessories fitted in it for the comfort of the passengers. There is a small refrigerator or bar handy for you launch x431 v+. These cars have plasma or LCD TV's inside them with a DVD player for the entertainment of the customers. A good audio system is also fitted in these luxury cars. Now days some stretched cars also have a game counsel in them for the customer's relaxation. The extra stretched cars have some rare luxurious like a Jacuzzi or hot water pool.


The rents of a luxury Limousine will depend upon the model of the car and the amenities with which they are fitted. The older cars which are finely maintained will surely be cheaper than the latest models. Some people manage to get some good limo rental deals on the internet. To avoid last minute disappointment it is always better to book your Limo well before the occasion.

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