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The Top 5 Mini Diggers Available Today

25. Aug 2017 04:28, allautotool

With all of the various models of mini digger available on the market today it pays to shop around and find the best sales support and service for the money that you invest in your equipment Autel MaxiCOM MK808. It is important to be aware of which models may have a dealership near the locations you will be working. If you are only working locally, then buying from a dealer in your area should suffice. If your contracts take you out of state, or even out of the country, then you may want to look at a brand with world-wide support. Following is a look at five of the top of the line mini diggers on the market today.


Volvo: Best known for their cars, trucks and airplanes, manufactures a line of mini diggers that offer a two speed drive which allows you to go faster between dig sites if need be. Another great feature of the Volvo models is their easily accessible technical support and a worldwide network of parts dealers. Volvo offers a large line of mini diggers, running from the 1 ½ metric tons to 5. Horsepower varies as well, from 15 to 50 horsepower depending on the model.


Kubota: Kubota is one of the leading producers of mini diggers in Japan. Kubota diggers offer protected hoses, travel speed selector and variable width tracks which can be important if working in particularly muddy areas.


Komatsu: The Komatsu digger is a small and agile machine, able to get around in tight areas such as an urban landscape. Like the Kubota this is one of the top selling excavators sold in Japan. Despite its small size the Komatsu is a powerful machine, able to handle the same tasks a much larger machine can do.


Yanmar: Offers several different models of excavator. Their machines can weigh from 1 ½ to 8 ½ tons. The VIO line offers a machine that can turn within the radius of the digger while maintaining perfect stability. Their B series also offers superb turning characteristics. Their SV series is touted to be the best of the line, offering adjustable tracks and foldable ROPS for the protection of the operator.


Hitachi: The Hitachi line of mini diggers are known for their innovation and efficiency. They are designed from the ground up for working in tight areas and are thus in high demand. The company offers complete satisfaction with any of their models and use the most advanced technology available today in all their diggers.


No matter which mini digger or manufacturer you select, you need to be certain it has the features for the jobs that you perform. Bucket size, digging depth, and the possible need for lifting rings are all important features to think about before investing in a mini excavator. It pays to research your purchase to guarantee that you find the make and model that fits your needs Car Diagnostic Tool. Since any equipment you purchase in an investment, you want to make certain you get the biggest bang for your buck

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