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Tire Technology And How It Affects Your Car And Comfort

13. Oct 2017 04:57, allautotool

When you go to the automotive store you will see many selections of tires available. You will find big tires, small tires, tires for winter, tires for summer and tires that can help you save money. (Hmm…sounds a bit like a Dr. Seuss book…) Fortunately, you don't have to be an automotive expert to determine what types of tires are best for your vehicle(s).


There are many types of tires available on today's market. One of the newcomers is the environmentally friendly tire. These green tires provide less rolling resistance which in turn helps improve fuel economy. In fact, some tests on some of these eco-friendly tires have shown that owners will get 2 Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS,600 gallons of "free gas" or the driving equivalent of 65,000 thousand miles. This is possible due to the composition of the tires (manufacturers are keeping this under wrap) as well as the dual tread zone which allows better traction in the center of the tire for wet weather as well as improved edges on the tire to perform better in dry conditions. These changes add to the comfort of the ride, the life span of the tire tread and overall investment in the cost of the tire.


If you do the bulk of travelling in the summer and it is primarily the all-American road trip, then you want to have tires that are designed with warm weather use in mind. These tires are often referred to as ultra-high performance or max- performance tires and are a step up from the standard all purpose tires. They are available in 15-22 inch wheel sizes and are noted for their performance on wet or dry roads, as well as the smoothness of the ride. These tires are also great for high speeds, and depending on the brand, have topped out at as much as 186 miles per hour. Interestingly, these tires have also been shown to be fuel efficient, getting 3-4% better mileage than standard all-season tires.


If you live in area known for severe winter storms, ice and snow, then having winter/snow tires is a must. These tires are designed to provide you with extra traction, better braking and easier handling so that you can drive on the snow without fear of sliding. The tires are made with special rubber compounds and tread designs that make cold weather travel safer. In fact, test have shown that vehicles of the same length and size with winter tires going at a speed of 15 mph will stop half a car length faster than a identical vehicle without the snow tires.


An all-season tire, while good for everyday usage, is not recommended for winter driving and is only adequate in any type of weather. If you will be driving in moderate to severe snow, you will want to invest in a set of winter tires. In addition, the all-season is recommended for areas with minimal rain or little to snow.


Whether you are looking for all-season tires, winter wheels, summer tires or green tires your area automotive store will be glad to help you find the best wheels for your ride.

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