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Traffic Trouble In Europe

21. Nov 2017 03:33, allautotool


Europe is a great place to spend a lovely summer holiday autointhebox coupon code, but unfortunately many, many other holiday makers think so too. A good way to avoid the hustle and bustle of the streets and to escape spending half your trip in traffic jams is to avoid travelling at peak times and to keep your radio on for traffic alerts, if you can understand the language.

There is however, no foolproof way to avoid a traffic jam, so prepare for these too. Keep a map handy and look for alternative routes out of the area. Green Flag抯 website offers tips and advice for dealing with road stress when travelling, so visit their website for advice before you set off on your trip to the continent.

Traffic jams can be exhausting because while you and your vehicle are generally stationary on the road, you will be creeping forward at times and the engine will be running, which means that you can still have a collision. It might just be a little fender bender, but it抯 still a hassle, so pay attention to the road at all times.

Cars also overheat in traffic jams, if the coolant levels are too low, so before you set off on a long journey, make sure it is topped up to just below the max line. Topping up is as easy as opening the bonnet and unscrewing the coolant reservoir cap slowly. Never do this when the engine is hot or you may get badly scalded. Then add the coolant (usually a mixture of water and anti-freeze) and secure the cap again ?easy Autel MaxiSys MS906TS.

When in traffic, the cooling fan should come on in the car automatically before the car gets too hot. If you hear the fan while crawling along in a jam on a hot day, take it as a warning sign from your motor.

Putting the heater on full (maximum heat and highest blower speed) will disperse some heat from the engine, but make the car very hot inside, so open the windows. As soon as possible, pull over in a safe place and switch the engine off.

Sometimes the overheating might be caused by something like a plastic bag blocking the airflow to the radiator at the front of the car. If not, then carefully lift the bonnet (the electric cooling fan may still be running) and see if there is steam escaping from anyway, possibly from a split in a hose or a hole in the radiator. If there is, you will need to get this repaired by calling up your European breakdown cover policy providers at Green Flag.

If the coolant level is just too low wait for the engine to cool down before topping it up, water alone is fine as a temporary solution, but make sure you get the correct coolant in good time. Once the engine has cooled down you can start driving again, but keep an eye on the temperature gauge in case it starts to overheat again.

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